Create a PDF

So you need to send a PDF version of your document?
No worries, it’s simple on your Mac.

Start by opening the document you’ll need to send.
Open the ‘Print” dialog by clicking on File>Print, or pressing ?P

Next, you’ll use the “PDF” menu at the bottom left corner of the dialog.

Choose “Save as PDF…”

(Note: If the document is already saved, and named exactly as you’d like to send it, you can use “Mail PDF” instead. This only applies to users of the built-in Apple Mail application)

Ensure that the document will be named correctly, and choose where you’d like to save it.

Set the Metadata (extra information included in every PDF file)
Click the “Save” button

You now have a new file on your Desktop, or wherever you chose to save the new PDF. You may send it via e-mail, then archive it with your reference files or simply trash it after you’ve sent it.

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Attach a file in gmail

I’m often asked little questions about technology. Here is an example.

How do I attach a file to a message in gMail?

Thank goodness I know this one.

I know that the asker uses gmail regularly, and knows how to compose a new message. That’s where we’ll start.

If you have a modern browser, you can just find your file and drag it to the green bar.

What green bar? I don’t see a green bar!

gMail's drag-n-drop attaching

This green bar.

If you’re using an older browser, or prefer to do things the old-fashioned way (as I often do), then just click on the ‘Attach a file’ link.

gmail compose message screenshot

Then, pick your poison.

File selection dialog

Choose the correct file to upload

Click ‘Select’.

gmail upload progress bar

Wait for the little blue bar to fill up.

Make sure you’ve filled in all the other information you need, like recipients and subject.

By the way, it is perfectly okay to send me a message without a body, especially if you’re sending me an attachment I’m expecting.  It is NEVER okay to send me a message without a subject.  Messages without subjects are headless blobs of nonsense.  I have no way to find them, no way to know what they mean, and no way to remember them.

And that’s all there is to it. Simple, straightforward, and fast. Isn’t that why you use gmail?

If you have any little questions about technology, drop me a line.

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just got awakened by the neigh…

just got awakened by the neighbor dogs trying to come inside to play with Snoopy. Yes, it is 3 am. They succeeded for a moment, too.

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Qik – Susan Kate’s birthday @ …

Qik – Susan Kate’s birthday @ McGurk’s by louconrad

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World Cushing’s Awareness Day

Chesterfield, MO–This afternoon at the Samuel C Sachs branch of St Louis County Library, Mayor John Nations of Chesterfield proclaimed today ‘World Cushings [sic] Syndrome Awareness Day’.

Mr Nations presented this proclamation to Ms Susan K Findley, a survivor of the syndrome. She said ‘It was an honor to be recognized by the mayor today. I greatly appreciate him taking time to attend our Cushing’s Awareness event and for issuing and presenting me with the proclamation. He has helped to stoke the fire for my endeavor of speading the word about Cushing’s. I will continue my fight against this brutal condition that could have ended my life and has ended many lives of people around the world, including a couple friends of mine. Lingering symptoms continue to affect me in most of my daily activities, though I am very fortunate to have support of fellow ‘Cushies’ in groups like ‘Cushies on Facebook’. My hope is to spread knowledge and awareness about Cushing’s Syndrome, starting online and in my local community, and not stop until there is global awareness so that no more lives are claimed by this horrible condition that doesn’t care who it ambushes.’

Cushing’s Syndrome is named after the doctor who discovered it, Dr Harvey Williams Cushing, nearly 80 years ago. It is an endocrine disorder caused by high levels of cortisol in the blood. It also has many causes and can manifest over a very short or long time. The symptoms are often misdiagnosed as a combination of other ailments.

Susan Kate Findley is still fighting Cushing’s and intends to continue her advocacy on a global level. She invites everyone to visit the ‘Cushies on Facebook’ group at .

Cushings Proclamation 2010

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