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Create a PDF

So you need to send a PDF version of your document?
No worries, it’s simple on your Mac.

Start by opening the document you’ll need to send.
Open the ‘Print” dialog by clicking on File>Print, or pressing ?P

Next, you’ll use the “PDF” menu at the bottom left corner of the dialog.

Choose “Save as PDF…”

(Note: If the document is already saved, and named exactly as you’d like to send it, you can use “Mail PDF” instead. This only applies to users of the built-in Apple Mail application)

Ensure that the document will be named correctly, and choose where you’d like to save it.

Set the Metadata (extra information included in every PDF file)
Click the “Save” button

You now have a new file on your Desktop, or wherever you chose to save the new PDF. You may send it via e-mail, then archive it with your reference files or simply trash it after you’ve sent it.