Who is this guy?

I’m Lou Conrad, and since 2006 I’ve been trying to build a media network from the ground up, with only the change in my very shallow pockets for start-up capital.  The original plan was easy–create advertising supported shows for time-shifted distribution over the internet.  The only thing that’s on track so-far is the internet part.

My business model has been up in the air for most of this time because I have been under pressure from various content creators I’m working with.  I’ve integrated most of the ideas and visions that they have into my own.  I’m the only one with the overall picture, and it’s time that I lay it all out.

My investments in the SDN are both time and money.  Here’s where my very shallow pockets come in:  I have done, and will continue to do, everything I possibly can, myself.  From building computers, furniture, audio production; I do all of this.  Toby Sauser does excellent audio production, and has been a vital part of the SDN crew complement but has limited availability for a project that doesn’t currently pay.  I have fewer time constraints, mostly supporting myself with odd IT consulting jobs.

With a lot of trial-by-fire DIY projects, a few pieces of old gear, some other scraps and raw bits, and as little bought equipment as I can get away with, the results thus far are promising if not productive (in a ‘supporting myself’ sense).

Things I’m doing:

Building my own brand

Designing and creating websites

Engineering a radio station

producing content

keeping ramen and coffee in the pantry

That’s what I’m doing, this site will tell you how, in addition to being a kind of directory to all of my various projects and places.