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Site Outages

Without notice, yesterday, our hosting account was suspended due to a too-high load on the front page, which is a drupal php script. In the interest of full disclosure, I may have introduced an error into the script that didn’t make itself evident until a time of high traffic. The hosting company won’t even deal with the problem until Monday, including letting me see the logs. At any rate, I’m now shopping for a new hosting company that will bother to notify me before they kill our sites.

I’ve thought about hosting in-house, but the amount of bandwidth I’d need to do that and make sure that Skype calls, streaming, and other everyday traffic flows smoothly along with server traffic would be cost-prohibitive. I am instead looking for a solid dedicated or virtual server.

You may have been directed to this post by visiting one of our sites, or you may have found it through my blog, but please rest assured that we’ll be changing hosts very soon, and that we will have Episode 2 of Tongue & Axe posted as soon as we do.

Thanks for being a loyal listener, and my apologies for any inconvenience. I anticipate everything will return to normal by Wednesday the 29th.